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DIY is a platform for kids and teens to learn virtually anything. We do this by building tools for learners to try new skills – more than 140 – and providing mentors to guide them. Our big idea is that anyone can become anything just by trying and getting feedback and encouragement from peers, everything we do is to make sure that happens. It's free to join and hundreds of thousands of families and schools already have.

Our team’s experience reflects the breadth and depth of our skill platform. We’re individually voracious learners who are now working together to figure out how to help more people discover new passions just by doing. Join us to help design, build, and support this community.

Senior Engineer

San Francisco

We are building the next version of our platform and we’re looking for leaders to help architect and define the future of open education for kids and the adults that love them.

As a part of the leadership team, you will work directly with the CEO and directors to make amazing experiences for kids. You’ll oversee the work of mobile, Web, and API engineers to provide a beautiful, scalable, and reliable experience across different platforms.

  • Lead development for our engineering team
  • Define processes with product, community management, and design collaborators
  • Help guide development pace and rhythm in collaboration with product team
  • Architect and guide applications and API development
  • Establish and maintain coding standards and practices
  • Establish and maintain a testing regime for our codebase
  • Manage and recruit engineering talent
  • Demonstrable experience developing applications using on Node.js
  • Experience in at least one other technology stack (for example JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Java, Python, Ruby, mobile)
  • SQL and non-SQL data management, storage solutions
  • Expertise with architecting and developing API services based on web sockets, REST, and the JSON tool chain
  • Utter comfort with developing on and deploying to the *nix stack, using the entire toolset and integrating with AWS services
  • Some direct experience helping kids learn by doing
  • 5+ years full-stack development
  • 2+ years with Node.js
  • Expertise with scalability and high-load environments
  • Expertise defining application and network architecture
  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent
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Senior Android Engineer

San Francisco or Remote

We’re searching for a passionate mobile engineer to help us create the Android version of DIY.

This will be a big role – you’ll work directly on the future of DIY and your efforts will extend our accessibility to millions of more kids. . Here, you will be supported by as well as influence the ideas of product leaders, UX, visual design, and engineering to craft an amazing experience for kids. You’ll also work closely with iOS, Web, and API engineers to provide a consistent experience across different platforms.

  • Lead mobile app development as our first Android developer
  • Help guide development pace and rhythm in collaboration with product team
  • Adapt and implement features existing on other platforms, and architect and implement new features
  • Work with entire engineering team to guide API development
  • Write maintainable code that can be portable to other developers remotely if needed
  • Create and maintain a unit testing regime for Android codebase
You can
  • Work with pixel-perfect design requirements
  • Formulate and communicate your ideas in ways that make others supremely comfortable and ready to trust you completely
  • Take a problem and make it beg for mercy
  • Be strongly self-motivated and able to lead a project self-sufficiently
  • Collaborate effortlessly with other smart, passionate, and interesting people
  • Handle the unpredictable but rewarding needs of kids
  • 1+ experience with Android development and creating high-performance mobile application experiences
  • 3+ years programming experiences with Java
  • Experience with a web framework (Node.js a plus)
  • Experience with unit test frameworks
  • General understanding of good UI practices
  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science with a strong academic record (or equivalent work experience)
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Web Engineer

San Francisco

We <3 the web! If you do too and you also happen to love building it we should chat!

Experience Points
  • Your HTML, CSS and JavaScript game is strong
  • Your dev environment is sacred, tried and true
  • You've built a web application using NodeJS
  • You've worked on high traffic websites
  • You're comfortable working iteratively and closely with designers
  • Ability to rapidly prototype ideas
  • You rebase for breakfast
  • Experience with AWS (spinning up servers and monitoring)
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • You enjoy working with Browserify and module hunting on NPM
  • Experience working with JSON/REST APIs
  • Ability to pencil and paper ideas and wireframes
  • Desire to learn new skills and grow
  • You've created an account and earned the Frontend Dev, Backend Dev and Opensourcerer skills.
  • You have your phasers set to destroy when it comes to typos
  • Very little math required

We're huge proponents of and contributors to the open source community. A few things we've released recently:

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Online Instructor

DIY instructors are makers, inventors, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and all-around passionate geeks who all enjoy making creative videos. If this sounds like you, let’s collaborate to help kids learn the skills you love.

Together we will produce unforgettable courses for kids and translate your passion into an interactive online experience through videos and social features. We give you a platform and an audience of kids all around the world. You create videos that inspire them to become fearless learners and creators.

How online courses work:

  • Kids use a mobile app and start by selecting which courses they want to join.
  • Counselors create a mixture of how-to and challenge videos that kids try at home.
  • Kids respond to your videos with their own videos and comments.
  • Kids socialize with with each other and offer each other asynchronous daily feedback and encouragement.
  • DIY distributes 20% of its revenue to DIY instructors on a monthly basis. The algorithm used to determine your monthly share as an instructor is based on the total number of new students enrolled each month across all of your courses.

Ultimately our courses help kids find new friends that share their interests, receive meaningful mentorship and make progress in areas we helped them to discover.

Sound too good to be true? Learn more our current courses and counselors at DIY. Please share this post with any people you know who might like this opportunity.

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Our course producers create a high volume of outstanding educational videos and oversee the entire pre to post-production process for all of our videos.

Heart of the Job

  • Work closely with course creators to develop content for exceptional online courses
  • Deliver courses and their marketing materials on time and on budget
  • Deliver courses with the highest production values and best learning experience possible

You Will

  • Be a creator’s guide through the creative process of designing and producing their class
  • Read and assess ideas for video scripts and adapt as needed
  • Pull together all strands of creative and practical talent involved in the filming of each course
  • Edit and finalize all video for DIY courses and marketing materials to achieve consistently high-quality audio, lighting, and effects and to implement the style set by our Creative Director


  • Experience developing and producing content for fast-paced video production for the internet
  • Ability to operate in a startup environment with limited resources


  • $60-65,000

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Talent Scout

Our Talent Scout knows where to look to find passionate, creative people who will be inspiring teachers for DIY Courses.

Heart of the Job

  • You find unusually talented people and are a master at recruiting them to join your team
  • You spot trends before others and use this talent to inform the types of courses to launch and teachers to hire
  • You thrive at coaching talent

You Will

  • Engineer our recruiting process
  • Interview, test and onboard all of our course creators
  • Work with our Producer to help all creators be as successful as humanly possible on our platform


  • Experience finding and hiring a consistently high volume of talent
  • Ability to operate in a startup environment with limited resources


  • $65-70,000

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