We want to help you bring DIY to your classroom.

DIY is a platform for students to discover Skills and share what they make and do with a global community. Educators everywhere are using DIY to explore skill-based learning and introduce collaboration into their classroom – during homeroom, Genius Hour, after school, and even regular classes. Blend the DIY Skills platform into your core curriculum, or let your students explore new subjects while practicing skills.


If you're already using DIY in your classroom, or want help getting started, please register below to let us know.



Skill-based learning

DIY Skills represent all the roles we can practice to help make our world, including Biologist, Web Designer and everything in-between. Educators are blending DIY into their curriculum to help students connect with knowledge and know-how through practical projects. Approach literature first-hand as a Writer. Calculate equations as a Rocketeer. Explore science the way a Musician would. Each Skill consists of a set of challenges to try and complete. We award DIYers patches to remind them of their perserverance and achievement.

Peer-to-peer community

More than 100,000 kids from around the world use DIY's platform to learn new Skills. Your students will need to create their own account to participate. To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), kids younger than 13 years old must share their parent's email address during registration. We'll contact the student's parent and get their permission. As soon as their account is verified their profile becomes public and everyone can see their awesome projects. Flyers are available for you to print if you feel your students' parents will want a heads up.

Every DIYer's portfolio is public so that the global community of DIY kids can view and interact with your students' work. Encourage your students to contribute to the DIY community by finding other DIYers with similar interests and sharing feedback on their projects. We’re developing features to make it easier for you to follow your students. In the meantime, you have the option of checking out your students’ work by going to

Download Parent Flyer

Education Standards

A common request has been for DIY to map how our Skills align with various educational standards. Because of this, we've partnered with community organizations like the Mozilla Foundation and the National Writing Project. We are still working towards releasing these resources, but if you'd like help aligning skills to your lesson plans, please feel free to contact us.

The DIY App is the best way to use DIY

The DIY iOS app is the simplest way for your students to capture and upload what they make as they make it. Otherwise, they can use our website to upload projects to their portfolio using virtually any computer or device with a web browser.

Download DIY App (iOS)


Parent Permission

DIY requires that kids 12 and younger must have parent permission to join. During registration, these participants are asked to enter a parent email address so we can obtain this permission. If you've already obtained written permission from parent, your students may use your email address instead. Here's a sample permission slip:

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DIY Artwork

Maybe you want to make a flyer to post around school? This zip file contains graphics and documents you might need to make them, including DIY logos, screenshots, and artwork for every skill patch.

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