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Build a LEGO Playground with DIY Star PeacefulCloud (Age: All DIYers)

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For this session, you will need the following LEGO bricks- Baste plate 32 x 32. Swing- Chains (x 2), Slope 2x2 (x 2), Brick 1x2 (x 12),Brick 1x1 (x 4),Panel 1x1x1 (x 6),Plate 1 x 2 (x 4),Slope 1x2 (x 4),Plate 2 x10 (x1),Plate 4 x 4 (x1), See-Saw-Tile 2 x 3 (x2)Tile 2 x 4 (x 1),Plate 2 x 4 ( x1),Plate 1 x 2 ( x 2),Plate 2 x 8 ( x 1),Brick 1 x 2 with pin (x 2),Technic plate 2x2 with holes (x 1). Roundabout- 4 x 8 round half circle (x 2), Turntable 2x2 plate base ( x1),Turntable 2 x 2 plate top (x 1),Plate 1 x 3 (x 4),Plate 3 x 3 (x 1),Plate 2 x 3 (x 1),Brick round 1x1 open stud ( x 4). MoneyBars-Special 1 x 2 stud with groove and inside stud holder (x 2), Brick special with stud on one side (x 26),Brick special 1x1 with headlight slot (x 4),Bar 3L (x 13),Plate round 1x1 with solid stud (x 2),Plant Flower Plate Round 1x1 with 4 petals (x 14). Fountain- Plate 6x8 (x1), Brick Special 1 x 2 with Masonry Brick Profile (x 12), Brick Round 2x2 with Axle Hole ( x 1), Brick Round 2x2 Dome Top Hollow Stud, with bottom Axle Holder x Shape (x 1). Bench- Plate 2x6 (x 2),Brick Special 1x2 Palisade [aka Log] medium ( x 2),Plate Special 1x2 with clips horizontal (x 1),Plate Special 1x2 [Side Handle Closed Ends] (x 1). Slide- Brick 1 x 6 (x 2), Brick 1 x 5 (x 2), Brick 1 x 2 (x8),Brick 1 x 1 (x 2),Plate 1 x 4 (x 4),Tile 1x4 (x5),Plate 2 x 4 (x 2),Panel 1 x 2 x 1 wih Rounded Corners and two sides (x 2), Plate 2 x 3 (x 1),Plate Special 1x2 with clips horizontal (x 1),Plate Special 1x2 [Side Handle Closed Ends] (x 1),Plate 1 x 2 (x 1),Plate 2 x 2 (x 1),Dish 4 x 4 ( x1),Plate 4 x 6 ( x1),Tile 2x2 (x2),Panel 1 x 2 x 1 [rounded corners] (x4), Panel 1 x 4 x 1 [rounded corners] ( x 2). Note: You will need Zoom installed on your device to attend this session. In case the 'Join Now' button does not work for you, you can join the Zoom session by entering this meeting ID - 84539070471... Read more

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