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Learn To Write Themed Kanji for Fun!

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Learning Kanji can be the most fun and intellectually stimulating activity. Kanji involves learning a system of writing where symbols represent meaning instead of sound alone. For example, a single horizontal line (一) is the kanji for “one.” The kanji for “two” is two lines (二), and the kanji for “three” is three lines (三)! Join along with our mentor, @RieTakeda to have fun with themed Kanji. To begin, you’ll need some calligraphy ink or water-based black ink (gouache or watercolor will do), calligraphy, or a watercolor brush (the bigger and longer, the better), paper (preferably fine calligraphy paper but standard drawing paper will do), a small jar of water, a printed out example or a tracing template, and red felt pen for painting the name stamp.... Read more

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