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We believe in the power of good screen time for kids, and have a proven record of creating a safe and inspiring online experience for them. With DIY TV, safety is paramount as we introduce the next generation to content that is age appropriate, and every show is handpicked by our team of experts, who work to ensure the content is kid-friendly, and provides inspiration for learning and exploration. The shows also come with exciting challenges that kids can engage with to enhance their learning, and share their experience with their fellow DIYers, with posts viewable only by other kids, and our moderators.
Parents ❤️ DIY
Jim N.
from Pennsylvania
I think it's a great way to make kids think outside the box, figuratively and literally. It's pushing my son to explore different ways of thinking.
Shannon C.
from Ontario
My daughter loves this and I feel like it is a great safe alternative to social media. She is learning skills and interacting in a positive way. Thanks so much!
Elizabeth M.
from Louisiana
My daughter is being challenged, learning a lot, and having fun!
Rose H.
from California
My daughter has really been enjoying going through each step at her own pace. Some days she works for hours. When she is really busy with other stuff she can work a little. Perfect for busy GATE middle schoolers.😄
Andrea E.
from Kansas
My son has been working really hard on his projects, and really enjoying himself. It's great anytime learning that's fun!
Sheila R.
from Michigan
My daughter did the first 2 projects before she had to leave for camp and she was raving about it. I like that they can progress at their own speed and take the year to complete it. The feedback is great and the kids really feel involved.
Eva K.
from Tennessee
My kiddo is interested in moving forward without my having to make a suggestion. She's engaged in something she enjoys but in a new way. The TV is off and DIY is on!
Diane M.
from Missouri
My daughter loves DIY. She has so much fun with her art class. I think every kid should have that much fun learning something.
Fiona P.
from New South Wales
My son loves it! He is so proud of what he has achieved.
Carob B.
from Washington
I want my kids to be productive and learn in the summer, not just waste time. I love that my 9 year old is loving the projects..I also love that he can be inspired and challenged by other kids!
Andrea M.
from Oregon
Well thought out and fun projects that teach my son applicable skills in engineering. It makes science accessible and not intimidating!
Marina H.
from Yangon
It's fun, it's very easy to follow, and kids can complete most projects on their own. Kids don't get overwhelmed, and there is also absolutely no pressure.
Michelle W.
from Ontario
DIY has really good projects plus it's convenient to work on from home.
Hazel H.
from North Carolina
DIY is teaching my son great skills: communication, presentation, and confidence. Seeing other kids like him is inspiring!
Vivian V.
from British Columbia
We no longer fight about screen time. I'm confident that he is actually getting value out of the time he spends online and he loves it. Bravo!
Sarah L.
from Victoria
My son is enjoying the projects and feels like he is getting some good ideas. Also, I'm always keen for my kids to take up something that is screen based but isn't just consuming other people's content. Thanks!
Deborah L.
from Lewisham
My daughter loves the projects, is inspired by other kid's work and has been drawing loads since we joined. She also loves doing the videos. Before DIY there wasn't a safe platform for her to do this on. I am reassured by the lengths you go to to keep the kids safe.
Carmela B.
from Madrid
It is a fresh way to look at things. It has a lot more to do with the way my daughter thinks and with what she naturally does than all those textbooks and theory.
Alison D.
from Victoria
I recommended DIY to my homeschool community. We are loving the personality of the mentor and the feedback from the mod team. The projects are in achievable bites and my daughter is loving being connected to the community for inspiration.
Donalee K.
from Ohio
My grandkids and I loved building the first ramp. It's so good to put down the devices and pick up cardboard and create together!! Thanks.
from California
My daughter loves the program and would like all her friends to enjoy it.
Faith O.
from Ontario
My daughter is loving the drawing course. It's keeping her motivated and excited to draw.
Kelly T.
from New York
It's a great, positive place for my daughter to connect with other artists....she is a wonderful artist but suffers from a neurological tic disorder. At DIY she can freely share and feel confident!
Deborah F.
from North Carolina
Just awesome! Minecraft course especially has sparked something in my daughter besides skill -- confidence. She is loving it!!!
Ashley S.
from Minnesota
It's such a fun and friendly site!
Andrea M.
from Oregon
The program is awesome! Fun and educational at the same time.
Akriti B.
from Georgia
It is very fun and my kid enjoys it.
Anna V.
from Illinois
The online environment is safe and minimizes imitation of social media communities. Curriculum is solid.
from Louisiana
We love the sharing, ideas, and opportunity to learn new things. With summer in full swing it's a great way to keep kids entertained!
Niki N.
from California
My daughter is doing the Drawing Bootcamp. She loves the fact that she can work independently. I love the fact that I don't have to drive her from class to class. She enjoys sharing her work online with others in the class and see their reactions. It allows a lot of room for creativity.
Amy M.
from Indiana
My 8 year old daughter loves the animation course. She rushes in now to complete her homework so she can start on her favorite subject.
Maigen B.
from Ontario
My child is very motivated to do the course and loves the projects. DIY is set up in a very tween-friendly manner.
Joy R.
from Ontario
I like DIY's setup, mission, and rules. It really helps me out as a single mom since I work late three days a week and am not always home to do creative and engaging activities with them.
Amanda R.
from Illinois
My son is an academic outlier. We've been searching for a mentor for him. Finding someone with time, affordability, difficult. DIY is a fantastic solution to this!
Brenda S.
from Ontario
My daughter loves her course and I think it is the social aspect of filming and posting that really makes it more then just an "online" course.
Rana R.
from Texas
Kids can do DIY at home without parents having to drive everywhere. I like feedback in addition to the convenience.
Tanya H.
from Victoria
My daughter loves it and her drawings are so great! Love the lessons and the creativity it brings out!
Beth B.
from Ohio
My son, who has autism, is delighted by your course! Thank you.
Tammy R.
from Georgia
I love that DIY is kept secure for kids. The positive feedback is great too. My daughter is having a lot of fun with the projects and I love it when she loves to learn. Thanks!
Kristin C.
from Arkansas
My daughter loves it and it's been a super safe way to introduce her to an online community.
Lisa B.
from Florida
My child is engaged and excited to learn.
April P.
from South Carolina
My daughter loves DIY. I think any kid could benefit from the various classes you have available. Something for everyone. :)
Clare K.
from Washington
It's a great fit for my kiddo! I have to work all day Sunday and before I know he was sitting around watching way too much screens and now he loves his DIY day!
Kathy Z.
from Manitoba
Our daughter loves the course and the platform. My son wants to do the LEGO course so now it's on his birthday list!
Josephine C.
from Nebraska
My daughter is doing Drawing Bootcamp and the projects put a fun twist on creating. Before DIY she enjoyed drawing and creating, but wasn't always aware of what to do or create. DIY generates fun ideas for her that are easy to complete so she feels a sense of accomplishment.
Michaela P.
from Victoria
After two weeks the kids are still really interested in making more engineering masterpieces. Their bedroom has become one enormous marble run using books, bits of LEGO, cushions, and random things from the kitchen. I can totally see this craze lasting for months! Thanks!
Nikki W.
from Colorado
So far DIY has been great. It is a little scary for me to encourage children to post things on the internet. Letting my daughter post videos took me a little getting used to but I now realize DIY is a secure environment. My daughter loves it and I love that I get an email for each post. Thank you for the program!
Angela D.
from Tennessee
It's been fun so far. Great experience for my son. There are not many opportunities to do things like this in our community, so I would recommend it to other creative kids.
Joelle C.
from Washington
The projects are in a sweet spot between structure and openness. There's good support if needed, and I love the moderated community aspect.
Judith W.
from New Hampshire
My daughter is loving the Drawing Bootcamp course. Her work shows improvement with each project she completes. I tell our friends who are considering art classes to check out DIY first.
Catherine W.
from Maryland
My daughter is thrilled with your illustrator program. Staff are very motivating!
Sara B.
from Kansas
My child enjoys the creativity that comes with self-directed work. Fun and engaging!
Beth S.
from Ontario
My daughter has been loving the engineering projects. The tech tie-in is great for her. Love the free trial.
Brandy K.
from Tennessee
We are raising kids in a small town in a school system that revolves around sports which my child cares nothing about. This has been great for my daughter to help with her self confidence in her own art and uplifting others by commenting on their art.
Alicia M.
from Louisiana
I really appreciate the feedback my son gets on his projects and how he is positively challenged by someone outside of our home.
Czarina L.
from British Columbia
It's fun and easy to use, my 9 and 6 year old do it and there is always feedback and help on line. They said they love how many ideas they get from one concept and they still have freedom to work from there. Thanks for DIY!
Kristy B.
from Texas
I think it creates such an amazing network of kids that share the same interest. DIY encourages collaboration and shows that trying and failing is OK!
Victoria G.
from Illinois
My son was excited to see the things he would build in the engineering project and had fun getting items around the house to create his own project. What I really like is that DIY wants kids to share their failures. I think there is so much pressure in the rest of the world to be perfect but DIY's acceptance of failures helps kids to think through a problems and solve them.
Donna T.
from Leeds
We are an autonomous education family, and we had been struggling to help our son fulfill his ambition of becoming an online Minecraft Show host - then along came DIY! He is so happy, switched on, and interested. Already his confidence has grown, his imagination is broadening, and he is even planning future shows! We love it!
Peta K.
from New South Wales
I think it is fabulous that you are offering courses the are of interest and relevance to kids in an accessible format. Absolutely love it!!
Kylie M.
from New South Wales
My daughter ADORES her drawing course! She is so engaged and the feedback inspires her to try harder every time.
Stephanie R.
from Texas
Drawing Bootcamp is perfect for artist who prefer to draw what's in their mind without being told exactly what to draw and how to draw it. Their creativity is allowed to shine through.
Jessica B.
from Maryland
My daughter loves the projects and DIY keeps her busy through the summer days. It's fun for a child to do, it's educational, and it occupies their time productively.
Nikita H.
from Georgia
This app is simple and easy to use. The engineering course inspires my son to build.
Deborah S.
from California
I believe that this kind of online, intrest-led learning is a valuable resource that gives kids what they need to thrive in the 21st century.
Raquel B.
from Florida
My child loves it. She has learned to do exactly what she has set out to do. Thank you!
Gabriela V.
from Quebec
DIY is fantastic. I am the mother of a high-functioning autistic kid and I often struggle to find something that interests him and keeps him learning. Your website was just what I was looking for. The video lengths are perfect and the clear explanations works wonders with children on the autism spectrum!
Nusrat A.
from New South Wales
I chose DIY for the convenience of being able to use it wherever my child is. She is enjoying the topics and interactions immensely.
Chelsea J.
from Missouri
We homeschool. My kids can experience drawing instruction from home- no driving to a class, it can be completed in our own time, and it's affordable.
Maren S.
from Georgia
My son is a shy, mathematically minded kid who lit up like a firework when I logged him onto DIY. Can't wait to see where it leads him!
Anna V.
from Illinois
The work is all fun. There's a lot to do. You get to pick which project you do when. There's always the option of inspiration from other people because there are so many posts.
Jessica C.
from Florida
My daughter is really enjoying the course so far. She has ADHD and the feedback she receives keeps her interested and coming back.
Denise W.
from New York
So easy to figure out, flexible, and great customer service!
Nichole M.
from Texas
DIY has interesting and fun projects that keep children engaged and wanting to learn more!
Caroline L.
from Queensland
My 11 year old daughter is really enjoying her DIY experience. She loves how easy it is to talk to other people and has plenty of time to complete her projects. She is quite able to participate independently and on her own timing.
Heather D.
from California
My daughter says it's really fun. She likes how it offers you projects she can do on her own. She also enjoys the feedback and seeing other's artwork.
Cynthia D.
from California
Kids are enjoying it! I was a little surprised by the video-upload aspect, but it's motivating for the kids. We have been jumping around from activity to activity. It has gotten us doing a lot of "inventing" and tinkering and I'm pretty pleased!
Anne P.
from Queensland
Innovative well researched format.
Ashlee M.
from California
I honestly think this is an awesome online program for kids. The different projects push them to practice and discover new things on their own. I also love that kids get to post their results and learn from each other.
Jennifer H.
from Iowa
My son is so in love with his Drawing Bootcamp! He loves getting a new project and the feedback has made him blossom into a confident kid! We are excited to do more!
Kerry B.
from Ontario
My daughter jumped right in! So far, it has been a great start.
Patrick R.
from Quebec
The non-linear format with content tailored for different age groups is great. The partnership between students, mentors, parents is the kind of mix I really appreciate. Keep up the good work!
Brandy K.
from Tennessee
My daughter loves DIY and the positive interaction.
Dezarae O.
from North Dakota
It's great. Especially in the summer. A parent can be involved as much as they want or can. Basically kids can do on their own.
Maranatha P.
from Florida
Great teaching! Very impressed by the way the moderators protect kids by emailing parents and by not allowing overly negative feedback from other kids.
Joanne G.
from New Brunswick
My son is spending way more time drawing plus he is learning new techniques!


How long does the free trial last?
DIY offers a 30-Day FREE Trial for each family so you have plenty of time to see if it’s a good fit. You can cancel at any point during your trial and we’ll send you a friendly reminder 48 hours before it ends. If you have more than one kid who wants to try, don't worry. With the DIY plan, you can have up to 4 kids join for free. 🙌
Do I need to buy any materials?
For most courses– Nope! DIY projects are designed with everyday materials in mind, especially stuff commonly found around the house(and inside junk drawers) like paper, pencils, cardboard, glue, and baking soda. No need to purchase any additional items. A couple of courses– Minecraft and littleBits– require that you have access to...Minecraft and littleBits.😊
How much does DIY cost?
DIY offers a 30-Day FREE Trial with full access. After your free trial you will start a subscription of your choice. The cost is $7.99/month or $79.99/year depending on whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.
How does DIY work?
Kids watch inspiring videos, do creative projects, and make their own videos on DIY which gives them amazing opportunities to both learn and inspire other kids. Our moderators make sure DIY remains the kindest online community on the planet and they are available 7 days a week if your kids ever have questions. 💯🌟
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