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DIY is the best place to level up skills, meet friends who truly love what they love, and just be awesome.

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“It's amazing how independent and accomplished my daughters feel. They discover new skills and just do it.”

Karen Goosby, DIY Parent
Chapel Hill, TN

“I have these moments where for a split second I can envision my son twenty years from now.”

Ben Jones, DIY Parent
Portland, OR

“He can be an athlete, artsy, or very technical. I love that about him and about DIY.”

Shawn Kasulka, DIY Parent
Montpelier, VT

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DIY will show your kids that anyone can do anything just by trying.

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Every member has portfolio to share with friends, family, and educators.


Adults have access to reports to help you follow your kid’s activity, passions and influences.


Staff will help your kids master skills by offering tips, tricks and encouragement when they need it.

Privacy and Safety

DIY is a safe setting for your kids to try social media, get feedback, and be inspired by a community of peers. Every member’s privacy is carefully monitored by a staff of moderators. No real names or faces are shown without parental permission. Comments are allowed, but jerks and bullies are not.

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  • "I love singing and playing covers and my parents wont allow me to have a YouTube channel"

    Dark Alaska
    Joined Jul 2013
  • "Before DIY I had no idea what a claymation even was! Now I'm making them and coming up with ideas for them all the time!"

    Joined May 2013
  • "DIY has really helped me because I always want to do proactive things but I sit around on my video games thinking I'll go do something tomorrow, which ends up being more video games, because I can't think of what to do or how I would! So DIY has helped me discover things that I actually can do, things I wouldn't of done if it wasn't for DIY showing me it!"

    Platypus Bear
    Joined September 2013
  • "If DIY has taught me anything it's that quality is not just for the pros anymore. Quality is for us now too. We can make amazing things. We can do amazing things. We can be amazing. And we can do it now."

    Mister Ankh
    Joined March 2013
  • "I discovered so much things that I didn't knew... coding, Minecraft (I played before but never as much), cooking (I barely cooked Kraft Dinner before DIY :P ), I'm better at drawing, at photography... It just made me learn so much things and there's still so much skills that I want to learn!"

    Stalk Jimbo
    Joined October 2012
  • "I am able to express myself in a way that I used to be too shy to do in person."

    Evil Ladybug
    Joined November 2012
  • "DIY has made me realize that life is so much more than TV and video games. I know how to do more things than I ever imagined I could, and I'm meeting WONDERFUL people."

    Bright Heart
    Joined December 2012
  • "DIY has set up a safe environment where people can share their creativity and skills with other people. Also it have given me a place to share all of my artwork!"

    Joined October 2013
  • "It has given me more determination and has shown me that I like getting my hands dirty and getting dirt under my nails. It's also has introduced me to other inspirational people who enjoy doing the exact same things I do."

    Strike Down
    Joined February 2013

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