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Huge library of hands-on projects, how-to videos, and an awesome kid community.

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Eva K.
Mom from Ohio
The TV is off and DIY is on!
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Thousands of projects with
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HighlightA variety of courses for any skill level

Kids Highlightearn badges while they
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It’s What We Don’t Have
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No Brain Rot
100’s of hours of video that explores new worlds, teaches creative skills, and helps kids discover new passions.
No Couch Potatoes
All of our videos are connected to clever and creative projects that get your kids off their screens and stay busy trying new things.
No Secrets
We send parents a report each time kids try a project, to keep you in the loop about what interests them and how they’re growing.
No Boredom
We pass the kid sniff test. Your kids will find topics they love and a community that inspires them.
No Ads
An ad-free experience prepares kids to be creators, not consumers.
No Worries
No bullies, no creeps, no icky content.
DIY learning platform (web and mobile) is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
Imagine if Netflix made kids smarter and YouTube was safe DIY is it.

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Sara E.
Mom from Quebec
My daughter loves the content, and loves the interaction and feedback. It keeps her off games and mindless activities.
Megan S.
Mom from Pennsylvania
My son absolutely loves it, and it has completely turned around his self-confidence.
Marina H.
Mom from Australia
It's fun, it's very easy to follow, and kids can complete most projects on their own. Kids don't get overwhelmed, and there is also absolutely no pressure.

Our Special Sauce





Watch Wonderful Video

DIY's video library is filled with the awesome stuff in the world that delights both parents and kids. Art, innovation, science, laughter and everything in-between. Plus, it's all ad-free.

Do Creative Projects

Most videos are paired with projects that kids can do at home. We'll also show your kids videos made by other kids on DIY to inspire their imagination and help them get started.

Share Safely

Kids ❤️ making video, but there’s really no other online place to safely share. We connect kids who share interests and allow them to exchange feedback with each other. Kids can be both a learner and a teacher here, and it’s all moderated.

Something For All Ages

There are lots of ways to succeed at DIY, from simply watching fun videos to teaching and inspiring other kids. We love watching DIYers grow and thrive on DIY in different ways as they get older.

We Keep You In The Loop

You'll get an email every time your kids post something on DIY and we make it easy for you to share it with family and friends.
Clarie O.
Mom from California
DIY is fantastic. It engages my son’s creativity and nurtures his talent, without the frustration of challenging his very short attention span. The broad nature of the projects - for example “draw a monster” allows for so many projects to be created and for him to see improvement. He can create and challenge himself over and over, and interact with other kids to encourage them and be encouraged by them.
We’re here for your kids
Meet Trip.
She's the founder, mother of a 5 year old explorer and she leads our moderation team. Her job is to make sure your kids feel safe, and she’s here to help whenever they have questions.
We’ve also got your back
Meet Kienan.
His job is to make sure parents have an awesome experience with DIY. Contact him anytime with questions.


How long does the free trial last?
This Summer (up to August 31, 2021), DIY is completely FREE for each family so you have plenty of time to see if it’s a good fit. You can cancel at any point during your trial and we’ll send you a friendly reminder 48 hours before it ends. If you have more than one kid who wants to try, register for the Family Pass so up to 4 kids can join for free. 🙌
Do I need to buy any materials?
For most courses– Nope! DIY projects are designed with everyday materials in mind, especially stuff commonly found around the house(and inside junk drawers) like paper, pencils, cardboard, glue, and baking soda. No need to purchase any additional items. A couple of courses– Minecraft and littleBits– require that you have access to...Minecraft and littleBits.😊
How much does DIY cost?
You can use DIY for FREE all Summer, till August 31, 2021! After your free trial you will start a subscription of your choice.The cost is equivalent to $4-8/month depending on the number of kids in your family and whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.
How does DIY work?
Kids watch inspiring videos, do creative projects, and make their own videos on DIY which gives them amazing opportunities to both learn and inspire other kids. Our moderators make sure DIY remains the kindest online community on the planet and they are available 7 days a week if your kids ever have questions. 💯🌟

Our Mission

Any kid, anywhere, can learn any skill.

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